Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dresses!!!! Have you seen them?

      We have been showing off our Spring Dresses!  Have you seen them yet?  Go to our website and look for our beautiful Lace lined dresses - called the "Emily dress".  We created these dresses in time for Spring; in Ivory, Black with Black lining, Black with tan lining, Rose and Mint.  
     Today a blogger in Pueblo, CO asked for one to be shipped to her for a feature on her site,  Please watch for her launch and review about this amazing dress!  We too sent out an email inviting all of our party guests to order one for yourself, OR earn one FREE by hosting a Honey and Lace party!

April/May parties 2014

Thurs. 3  6-8 pm  Sarah Clayton, P.G, UT
            -  6-7:30   Kimberly - Orem, UT

Fri.  4  10-12 pm  Shelley Ingram, Banning, CA

Sat.  5  6-8           Eliza Sewel - Covina, CA

Tues.  8                 Amberleigh G. - UT
            - 6-8       Brooke Soon, Torrance, CA

Wed.  9   6:30-8   Cheryl - Provo
             -  6:30-8  Kristen White, Glendora, CA

Thurs. 10 6-7:30  Heather McMullin, Carlsbad, CA

Fri. 11      6-8       Rosanna - Oxnard, CA
Sat. 12  2-4 pm  Kellimae - Eagle Mtn, UT

Wed. 16           Desiree V. - SLC, UT
Thurs. 17          Wendy C. -
            - 6-7:30  Jennifer P. - West Valley City, UT

Sat. 19  1-2:30  Katie Kobe - Morgan, UT

Tues. 22            Jenn Parker

Thurs. 24 6-7:30  Elysse M. - Santaquin, UT

Sat 26  1-3 pm  Whitney Pratt - American Fork, UT

Tues 29             Rebecca Erdman

For Addresses and Times for parties above, 
please call our corporate office 909-271-7460

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Utah Parties Mar 15-22 Come pick your favorite Spring Finds!!!!

March parties Orange - UT, Blue - CA, Green - AZ
Thurs 13  10-4  American Fork Salon (clearance sale)

                6-7:30  Corine, West Jordan    

                6-8  Amy 10478 Ouray St., Commerce City, CO

Fri 14   10-4   American Fork Salon (clearance sale)

             5-6:30  Janice, Orem

Sat 15  10-11:30  Jenny 2478 W. 2350 N., Lehi

             10-12  Kristi, Pleasant Grove

             11:30-2:30  Kristin, Spanish Fork

             1-4 pm  Kim  2664 W 2175 N, North Farr West

             1-2:30  Emily  9264 Canyon Wash Dr., Eagle Mtn

             2-4   Kathy, Egl Mtn

              3:30-5   Jessalyn  3104 W Wildflower Ln, Lehi

Mon 17  10-11:30  Anna  57 S 2920 W, Lehi

            3:30-5:30  Tamara 2782 Durban Rd., Sandy

            7-8:30     Nicole 4174 S 3200 W., WVC

Tues 18  10:30-12  Camilla  3395 N 150 W., Lehi

            3:30-5    Amanda  7661 Silver Ranch Rd., Egl Mtn

            6:30-8   Amanda  3592 Royal Troon Dr., Egl Mtn

            7-8:30    Stacey   3569 N Canary Wy., Egl Mtn

            7-8:30    Melanie  1167 N 1350 W., Layton

Wed 19  7-8:30  Kristi  492 W 630 S., Orem

             7-8:30   Kassie  3556 Bear Hallow Wy, Lehi

Thurs 20  6:30-8  Shannon  2843 W 370 N., Provo

Fri 21  6:30-8   Shayla  3266 S. Hunter Farm Wy., WVC

Sat 22  9-11  Ezperenza, Orem

10-11:30  Brittany  560 Wymount Terrace, Provo

             11-12:30  Cindy  26 Wymount Terrace, Provo

              1-3   Shannon Haddon host

              2-3:30   Britani  622 S 100 W Heber 

              2-3:30  Amy  497 E. 300 S., Lehi

              5-6:30   Candice  477 N 1235 W, Orem

Tues 25  ?    Becky, Sandy

Thurs 27  6:30-8  Amy  497 E. 300 S., Lehi

                6-7:30  Stefanie  331 E. Honeybee Preserve Wy, Oro Valley, AZ

                7-8:30  Michelle  154 Rubio Ave., Camarillo, CA

Sat 29   10-11:30  Jena  20025 N 20th St., Unit 113, Phoenix, AZ

                3-4:30   Eliza  560 E Rowland St., #F-1, Covina, CA



Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring March 2014 - Exciting BIG Wonderful release!

Springtime....March 2014

Honey & Lace employees, consultants, customers, and friends are counting down to the BIG DAY......5, 4, that March is here that means it is the month to unveil our new shopping cart experience and help our Apparel Consultants grow their inventory and business.

If you are interested in becomeing an Apparel Consultant please message us on facebook or to

If you are looking for that perfect spring time skirt or dress email us your information or call us at: 626-905-0506 (Pacific Time Zone) we have just the one or two or more skirts for you!!

Feb 2014 was a great month for us introducing 8 new consultants and opening new markets! Lets make March 2014 just as great...heck lets do this all year long!!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Honey & Lace Corporate team

Friday, February 28, 2014

Simple things in life....

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just I love my life???

Well I personally do - I have the honor and privalage of working closely with the dedicated and wonderful employees and Apparel Consultants of Honey & Lace. I thought I would share why I am blessed to be surrounded by those involved in this fabulous company this week:

"Fab!! Send me a Rainbow!" N.W. in Southern Utah

"Yes, the customers just keep coming over and buying skirts!" M.P in Nevada

"Yeah I sold $290 in skirts today!" MP

"You are awesome for all the work you are doing!" D.L. in Utah

Thank you for Everything! D.L in Utah

"We will have an after party after the skirt party!" MP

"I am so excited!!" AH in Texas

"I got a package today and it had leggings in it! My mother in law will be so happy!"

"I really do appreciate all of the effort in helping me. I'm so excited that you ship to Canada! Not everywhere does so it makes my day when I find something I love and I can order it. You have all definitely gone above and beyond to help me." Happy Canadian Customer

"I just love these skirts...." AZ Customer

"Thank you!! The black & white and navy & pale blue are the two that im absolutely obsessed and in love with and dying to own! I really really want the other also lol" - WY Future Hostess

"My skirts came today!!!!!!!! Yaaaay I'm so excited, I LOVE THEM!!!! And the girls leggings!!!!! They're going to freak when they see them!!!! You're AMAZING!!!!!!" Excited Customer

"Did I already tell you that I want to burst with excitement?!?!?!?! My inventory is here!!!" HL

"I wish there was a like button on emails!! I am dying to get my hands on this stuff, and get my sisters into some of these skirts!" New Consultant

Thank you for sharing a small portion of our excitement this Week!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


We have several of our friends in Canada ask if we ship to Canada and the answer is YES! We know you love our Honey & Lace Maxi skirts and other products. As we have been opening several markets and spending our time providing corproate trainings and shipping inventory to our new happy apparel consultants we have not forgotten anyone in the mix.

If you would like to place an order for you, your friends, or your business we are here to help!
We would love to see you enjoying your everyday lifestyle in a comfortable skirt or dress made by Honey & Lace!

A note from our CEO!

During our reconstruction of shopping cart ---simply email us with all your mailing info, your size and requested print. Along with if you are paying with Paypal or Credit Card.

Or you are welcome to call us 626-905-0506 (Pacific Time Zone)

Dianne CEO

We love Dianne!
The Honey & Lace Extended community and Family